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Seroliva Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 0.4 ACID


Asırlık Memecik olive groves, which are organic certified olive groves, are poured onto imported exhibitions with modern electric import harvesters again olive fruits are manually sorted and put into 20 kg crates cc7819d_133559c quickly transferred to our factory  on the same day or by keeping them in cold weather the next morning, first sorted in an olive sieving machine and then sorted by hand on the olive selection line , the healthiest fruits with high polyphenol content in our organic line at maximum 25 degrees converted into organic olive oil.


Acid ratio is 0.4ü the source of healing yaglarimiz chrome nickel tanks are transferred and rested. It is filtered and filled when necessary. We are sure that you will enjoy this wonderful olive oil, which you can consume by drinking, in your salads and meals . As you can make your babies drink, you will get positive results in your skin care and massages for them and yourself.

Seroliva Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 5 Lt 0,4 ACID

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