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This limited amount of our product, which is a candidate for your liking with its delicious aroma and taste, will be your source of healing with its high polyphenol value.

Awarded GOLD/GOLD at the prestigious international competition JOOP Prize 2022 in Japan. 

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Seroliva products
Control Union  Certified organic.
Seroliva  Products
Its quality continues to be registered in many competitions every year.



SerOliva and Olive Passion, in order to produce high quality extra virgin olive oil, from good agricultural practices to olive harvest at the olive blossom stage; It meticulously implements the quality control systems it has developed, with its own professional teams, at all production stages, from pressing to storage. It takes the responsibility of olive oil on its branch and delivers it to your table .

We harvest our olives early because it is very important for us that they have high nutritional value and phenols. We squeeze it cold because we don't want it to lose its flavor and taste. Moreover, we produce organic because we care about your health and we like to protect our nature.

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Aromatic Herbs and Oils

With our organic thyme, sage and organic olive leaves, you can sweeten your meals, brew a healing tea that will warm you up, or protect and treat your skin from external factors with our organic St. John's Wort oil.


We bring the healing hands of nature to your homes.

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